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Colorfast - Siliconized Acrylic Latex Colored Caulking

Colorfast products are formulated and tested to the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. The siliconized acrylic latex colored caulking comes color matched and texture matched for a perfect look around tubs, showers, countertop backsplashes, doors, windows and more. Find your perfect color match today with this professional line of caulking products.  

Colorfast Tile & Grout Caulk Highlights

  • Siliconized acrylic latex formula
  • Resistant to UV rays, moisture and mildew
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Quantity discount pricing
  • Multiple colors and textures

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CFCK-8ozKit Colorfast Grout Colorant Kit
  • $20.89
CFARDEX-04 Latex Colored Caulk - Ardex Color Line
  • $8.99
CFCURE-40 Latex Colored Caulk - C Cure Color Line
  • $8.99
47-0123 Latex Colored Caulk - CBP/Polyblend Color Line
  • $8.99
CFH189 Latex Colored Caulk - Hydroment Color Line
  • $8.99
CFLAT-85 Latex Colored Caulk - Laticrete Color Line
  • $8.99
CFMAP-01 Latex Colored Caulk - Mapei Color Line
  • $8.99
CFMERK-X Latex Colored Caulk - Merkrete Color Line
  • $8.99
CFSGM-109 Latex Colored Caulk - Southern Grouts and Mortars Color Line
  • $8.99
47-0010 Latex Colored Caulk - Tec Color Line
  • $8.99

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