Rock Doctor

Rock Doctor - Cleaner, Sealer, Polish & Foaming Hand Soap

Keep your granite, quartz and other surfaces looking their best with cleaner, sealer, polish and protectant from Rock Doctor. Specially designed with no harsh chemicals, these products are safe for everyday use but powerful enough for the toughest grime. Keep your kitchen and bathroom looking clean, shiny and like new with this array of stone care and cleaners. Safeguard your surfaces and restore original luster. Rock Doctor products are non-acidic and non-abrasive making them a great long-term choice for your granite and quartz maintenance. Soap in Seconds allows you to wash your hands anytime and anywhere.

Granite & Quartz Cleaner Highlights

  • Non-acidic and non-abrasive protection
  • For use on multiple surfaces
  • Special manufacturer rebate

Find additional Stone Sealer and Polish for floors and more. Get yours now!

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