Cove Base Installation Accessories

Wall Base Adhesive, Transition Adhesive & Installation Tools

Find everything you need for a better installation experience. Use cove base adhesive or step tape to securely attach cove base to walls. Professional-strength formulas provide a fast, strong grab that holds materials firmly in place. Transition adhesive secures flooring adaptors to provide safe transitions between flooring. Great for a wide variety of surfaces throughout your home. Installation tools make applications fast and easy. Save time and money with these affordable adhesive products. See additional details and order options below.

Cove Base & Transition Adhesive Highlights

  • Adhesives and tools for installing cove base and transition strips
  • Formulated for fast application and strong holding power
  • High performance products for superior results

Use tools and adhesive with Johnsonite Flooring Adaptors for safe transitions throughout your home or office. Get yours now!


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