Stair Rods & Tapestry Hangers

Stair Rods, Stair Holds, Stair Clips and Wall Hangers

The perfect way to compliment your stair runners and enhance the look to any home with our stair rod options. Multiple finishes and finial designs to match any décor. Stair holds, also known as stair clips, add a decorative look to any staircase to give it a unique and vintage look. Fit any budget with costs starting at just $20 each. 

Add even MORE style to your home with wall hangers! Also available in multiple finishes and lengths to fit any need. The kits include everything you need; the rod, wall mounting brackets, clips and choice of finials. Decorative, durable and easy to install. 

Stair Rod & Wall Hanger Product Highlights

  • High quality material for all stair rods, stair holds and wall hangers
  • Hard to find products that bring out the beauty and elegance in your home
  • Available in several decorative finishes

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