Floor Cleaner & Care FAQ

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Floor Cleaner & Care

Some cleaners say for use on Resilient floors. How do I know if my floors are Resilient?

Resilient floors are an engineered product that will have some give or flex without cracking. Some examples of Resilient flooring include: vinyl tile, asphalt tile, rubber, linoleum, cork and VCT (vinyl composition tile). Non-Resilient floors are made of inflexible, organic material/minerals that will not move at all. Some examples of Non-Resilient flooring include: ceramic tile, marble, slate, Terrazzo, concrete, brick, engineered wood, laminate, solid wood, and natural stone.

I have a specific brand name flooring. What should I use to clean it?

It is always recommended to refer to the manufacturer care and guidelines before using any cleaning or care products. They may recommend a certain cleaner or care item, and this may have an impact on the warranty of your flooring. For example, the manufacturer Karndean recommends using their line of floor care products. If you do not know the manufacturer of your flooring or the warranty period has lapsed on your flooring, please view our full line of Floor Cleaners & Care items to find one that fits your type of surface and budget.

Site Finished vs Factory Finished Hardwood Floors. What's the difference?

Site finished or unfinished floors are sanded, stained and finished on site, hence the name. Site finished floors are cheaper, but this is offset by the finishing costs. They rarely have beveled edges meaning they have a solid tabletop look that pre-finished wood floors do not have. Pre-finished or factory finished floors come from the factory sanded, stained and ready to go. One of the benefits is faster and cleaner installation. It is very important to know what type of flooring you have. If you have site finished floors you need to have flooring protection that is permeable or breathable. Floorotex All Purpose Floor Protection and Tuf-Guard are good breathable options. If you do not know if your floor is site or factory finished we always recommend a breathable floor protection product.

I have a scratch I would like to remove. What floor repair product should I use?

First, visit our Floor Repair page and select the category that best fits your floor repair needs. Next, browse our effective and affordable options. High quality and ease of use make our floor repair tools great for professionals and less experienced do-it-yourselfers. Joint sealant, filler and touch-up markers are just a few of the premium maintenance products we have to offer. Contact us if you have any questions or would like a recommendation. Finally, make sure the floor repair product you select is designed to be used on your specific type of flooring. We also recommend thoroughly reading all instructions before use.

What is the best way to protect my floors from damage in the first place?

Furniture Feet Protectors  act as a cushioning barrier between furniture and the floor to prevent scratches and scuffs and to keep your floors looking their best. Use on carpet, hardwood, laminate and more. Always use Flooring Protection when moving or taking on home improvement projects. These hassle-free products save you time and effort in addition to saving your floors. Also, don't underestimate the power of your Floor Cleaner & Care Products. They can also make all the difference. Our name brand options are effective, affordable and help to maintain your floors long-term.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any additional questions. Customer Support and Live Chat are available 8AM-5PM CST, Monday through Friday. We would be more than happy to assist you with all your Floor Cleaner & Care needs! 

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