Ali Metal Trims

Ali Metal Trims allows you to have metal trims that match and accent your floating luxury vinyl floors. This unique product is used all over in the United Kingdom and is now being introduced in the United States. Installation is for the handy or the professional. Be sure to watch all videos to understand how these products work and how to ensure you are getting the correct size. 

Luxury Vinyl floors have been used in the UK for much longer then here in the US so they have had much longer to work out the best ways to transition floors. As most LVT and LVP in the US is floating we are currently only offering the Ali transitions for WPC/SPC floating floors. If you have need of Ali Trims for glued down luxury vinyl floors please contact us

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to peel the top layer from your floating floor to add it to your new trims. This allows for your trim to match your new floors.

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